If you are looking for a unique way to support a Shih Tzu rescue, you should consider signing up with an online affiliate charity program such as igive.com. The way it works is a percentage of your purchases go towards any participating charity that takes part in the program.

To give you an idea of how this works to benefit both you and a Shih Tzu rescue, the following is a basic example of the benefits of using igive.com.

  • You can shop and save at more than 650 top stores with products that range from clothing, music, movies, books, pet supplies, travel, etc. This gives you plenty of opportunity to shop and have your needs met.
  • You’ll receive great coupons and deals
  • UP to 26% of your purchases will go towards your Shih Tzu rescue.
  • It costs you and your charitable organization nothing to join.

There are many other benefits you can look into, and other affiliate charity programs out there. Just make sure you properly investigate every program that interests you to ensure there are no hidden fees or loop holes you’ve overlooked. In addition, should you have any questions regarding the program, contact the customer service of these organizations to learn more.

If there is a Shih Tzu rescue in your area that you really would like to support, and it is not registered with affiliate charity programs, let them know about this excellent opportunity and then spread the word to others. Every little donation you can give helps their cause, and you’d be surprised at how by conducting regular shopping, you can make a difference in the life of a rescue dog.