Shih Tzu training can be accomplished with consistent and gentle training. Many owners opt to train this breed themselves instead of taking them to obedience school. Should you also make this decision, understand that it is imperative you properly socialize your dog, and provide him with basic training commands (Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Heel).

Take Shih Tzu training slow to ensure that your dog learns every command without becoming bored or confused. Only teach one command at a time, and make lessons short (no longer than 5 minutes at a time).

Once your Shih Tzu has a good understanding of basic commands, you can continue his Shih Tzu training by teaching him other fun tricks such as roll over.

The following are the steps you can employ to teach your Shih Tzu how to roll over:

Step 1 – Take your dog to a quiet area where there will be little distraction, and take a few treats with you.

Step 2 – Begin roll over Shih Tzu training by having your pet lie on his side. Before you begin teaching your dog the roll over action, spend some time building his trust by rubbing his tummy and touching his legs and feet. You may find that your Shih Tzu will show you some resistance when you first begin to handle his legs and feet, as most dogs don’t like these parts of their body handled. Talk to your dog while you gently handle his paws and legs so he’ll trust you. Once he’s comfortable with you handling him take a break.

Step 3 – When you are ready to return to your Shih Tzu training, put your dog back in the lying position and pet him as you did before. This time while you are petting him, give him the command “Roll Over” and pick up his legs that are closest to the floor and gently pull your dog over so he is on his opposite side. Immediately praise him and give him a treat. Continue this maneuver along with the command to familiarize your dog with it and always praise him. However, don’t always give your dog a treat, as this is a fast way to make him overweight.

If when you are manually rolling your dog over, he appears frightened or is in pain from you handling him, stop at once. You don’t want to make your dog fearful of Shih Tzu training.

Step 4 – With enough practice, your dog will eventually associate going on his other side with the command and a reward.

On a side note: If your dog does not like you handling his paws, you can try achieving roll over Shih Tzu training success by using a food treat. Begin the training by laying your dog on his side and show him the treat he really likes. Move the treat over his head to the opposite side. Make sure you do the maneuver so that your dog must follow the treat by moving his head. By moving his head, his body will follow. Once he is successfully on his other side, reward him with the treat and praise him.

Remember, all forms of Shih Tzu training is accomplished with patience, love, practice, consistency, persistence and praise. Your dog does want to please you, just don’t expect too much from him too quickly.